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For Public Administrations

For Public Administrations

Aura Formazione is enabled to MEPA (Public Administration Electronic Market) and other regional telematic platforms; and is therefore the official supplier of Public Administrations. This makes it possible to offer a wide range of services to the public sector, both in the catalogue and on specific request. These services include 360-degree training as well as various commercial and other marketing-related services. The Electronic Marketplace of the PA (MEPA) is a tool of eProcurement managed by Consip which is a company of Ministry of Economy and Financecommitted to the exclusive service of the Public Administration. On the MEPA the PA can search, compare and acquire the services offered by Aura Training, which has submitted its catalogue on the system and is ready to respond to any request for offer.
As for our main services, they are as follows:


- Environment, land and cultural heritage
- Communication and marketing
- Finance, Accounting and tax
- Administrative law
- Informatics
- Linguistics
- Managerial and human resources
- Scientific
- Social Services and health
- Energy sector

Various commercial services:

- Interpreting and translation
- Transcription and Resubmission

Marketing Services

- Market research services
- Survey services
- Survey design services:
-Survey execution services
- Telephone survey services
- Survey analysis services
- Market testing services
- Social research services
- Opinion polling services
Economic research services
- Economic Impact Assessment
- Statistical services
Advertising consultancy services


Dr. Chiara Leone

VAT no.: 02330490687

Opening hours Mon-Fri 9:30 a.m./7 p.m.

Sat-Sun only by appointment

360 degrees training!


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