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Interprofessional Funds

Aura Formazione essendo accreditata presso i Fondi Interprofessionali, oltre che alla Regione Abruzzo, è in grado di offrire alle aziende percorsi formativi finanziati. Tramite tali Fondi e in collaborazione con docenti professionisti offre gratuitamente alle aziende:
- Percorsi formativi obbligatori in tema di Sicurezza sul Lavoro;
- Corsi attinenti tematiche sensibili come: qualità/ambiente, marketing, lingue straniere, informatica;
- Altri corsi specialistici del settore d'appartenenza.

Ecco i cataloghi dei nostri corsi, accreditati presso i Fondi (clicca sul Fondo al quale sei iscritto):

What are the Paritetic Interprofessional Funds?
With regard to the Interprofessional Funds, these are bodies of an associative nature promoted by the social partners that defend and promote the training and updating of employees. In fact, companies can channel 0.30 per cent of the social security contributions paid to INPS to finance training and refresher courses for their collaborators and employees. Since 2003, 21 Interprofessional Funds have been established, each representing one or more economic sectors (industry, commerce, tourism and the tertiary sector, agriculture, crafts, etc.).
How to access the Paritetic Interprofessional Funds?
Joining the Interprofessional Funds does not entail any cost for the company wishing to join. As per INPS circular no. 71 of 2 April 2003, let us see what the steps are to access the funds:
1) The company must notify its labour consultant of its intention to join;
2) The employment consultant will enter the initials of the Interprofessional Fund to which he/she wishes to allocate his/her 0.30 fee in the INPS DM10 or UNIEMENS company model;
3) The INPS will pay the company’s provision directly to the Fund.

A company that has applied to join the Paritetic Interprofessional Funds has the possibility of withdrawing this application at the end of the year; alternatively, membership is automatically extended to the following year. There is also the possibility of switching from one Fund to another, but each company has the option of joining only one Fund, even in a different sector.
What is the private co-financing that the Funds require from companies?
The private co-financing of the training plan is a percentage share directly proportional to the size of the company and not only. This is essentially the company’s cost to the worker because training takes place during working hours.
Why join Interprofessional Funds
- Constant and continuous training improves the quality and professionalism of employees;
• L’iscrizione ai Fondi gratuita e non comporta alcuna spesa aggiuntiva;
- In addition to traditional training methods, on-the-job training or distance learning can also be provided;
- Joining the Fondi Paritetici Interprofessionali means making use of the advice and experience of accredited training providers able to support and guide the company in the choice and management of training plans.


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