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Are passion and motivation the key points of your professionalism?
Join our team!

We are always ready to know new talents and new opportunities, because we know the value of collaboration and, therefore, we want to listen to your proposals. We are a young, dynamic and attention to detail company, ready to consider your contribution and add value to our reality. 

If you think you are the right person to make a difference, fill out the form below. The curriculum is currently not required as we will contact you to provide all the information. 

Currently searched for figures:

We continuously expand our professional register in the field of foreign languages, both to cover the role of teachers and for translation and interpreting services in the various languages.
We continually expand our faculty register in relation to multiple themes, for possible future collaborations, even continuous.
We are constantly expanding our faculty register for any future collaboration, even continuous, regarding Training 4.0, linked to the Technological and Digital Transformation.

Topics of Training 4.0:
1) big data and data analysis;
2) cloud e fog computing;
3) Cyber security;
4) simulation and cyber-physical systems;
5) rapid prototyping;
6) visualization systems, virtual reality (rv) and augmented reality (ra);
7) advanced and collaborative robotics;
8) man machine interface;
9) additive manufacturing (or three-dimensional printing);
10) the internet of things and machines;
11)digital integration of business processes.
We are constantly expanding our faculty in relation to the issues of Green Skills and Green Economy.
We are constantly expanding our faculty portfolio of multiple topics to teach in foreign languages, for possible future collaborations, even continuous, especially within the Erasmus projects, so the teaching can also take place abroad with the European project partners.
We are looking for professionals with experience in the field of Interprofessional Funds, who are preferably in contact with the participating companies and able to manage funded training projects.
We are looking for people who can collaborate in the drafting, management and reporting of European projects.
We are looking for volunteers interested in traveling abroad with a reimbursement of expenses to participate in various Erasmus project programs.
We are available to pay the signallers of any interested in our courses and/or services. 

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