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About us...
Aura Formazione Srl is a company apprecieted for the quality and the variety of its training programs addressed to private sectors, practitioners and companies. It was born in 2014 and started its activities as another company and continues in 2021 with its new name, Aura Formazione.

Aura Formazione is a training agency licensed by Regione Abruzzo therefore, in addition to training (both financed and self-financed), is also entitled to provide multiple services aimed both at individuals and companies.

We support companies in activating extra-curricular placements, compulsory training for apprentices, ad hoc training and also training financed by the inter-branch and ESF funds. To this is added the consultancy and training service, both in the field of Work Safetyand in matter of ..

Aura Formazione is also a translation and interpreting Agency of multiple languages, offering also the service of sworn translation.

Educational offerings for Languages include 28 languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Dhari, French, English, Japanese, Modern Greek, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Dutch, Pasthu, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Urdu and Italian for foreigners.

In the field of language certificates , we are the exam site of certificazione di lingua inglese TOEFL, TOEIC, Trinity e Language Cert. On the other hand, as regards computer certificationswe are also the examination centre for the European Computer Driving Licencetherefore accredited as a test centre of Aica (ICDL)both as Ei-Center (Eipass).

This is complemented by a wide catalog of Professional and Personal growth courses, oltre ai corsi di Lingue Straniere, tenuti da circa 850 docenti presenti nella nostra banca dati.

Attualmente Aura Formazione vanta circa 150 Professional Growth Courses e circa 20 Personal Growth coursesto which are added about 140 Qualification/Ability courses granted by the Abruzzo region and around 130 courses focused on Work Safety with the related Updates.

The agency operates in the European perspective thanks to the funding programs 2021-2027 promoted by the European Commission through various projects.

We are active with a view to inclusion and employment thanks to the agreement with Anpal and ENM (Ente Nazionale del Microcredito)

Aura Formazione holds the international Certifications of quality ISO 9001:2015This means that we have adopted a system that manages to design and dispense quality courses. The Quality Management System ISO 9001 is the most famous standard for quality improvement, which today counts, considering 180 countries, over a million certified organizations. The 9000 series standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the only one that can be used for conformity assessment.

We are qualified provider of the Public Administration through enrollment in national and regional telematic marketsMEPA ecc.) as well as other institutions such as Chieti-Pescara Commercial Chamber

Aura Formazione is a body in the context of curricular Traineeships in agreement with several Italian universities and is accredited for the activity of Alternance School - Work, provided by MIUR.

Another specific area in which we have stood out is in the area of aesthetics, in fact in 2007 the branch was born, the body named. Aura Formazione aesthetic www.auraformazioneestetica.com.

We therefore consider ourselves a body of Training at 360 degrees
In addition to the high professionalism and quality of the extensive training offer
Some of our Advantages


Easy to reach, also with public transport.


Beautiful location without any architectural barriers.


Large, public and free parking space nearby


Lifting service to and from the Pescara Central station and other points in the city.


Frequency and schedules accorded with our clients in order to meet their needs


Plenty of coffee, familiarity and direct relationship with all staff


Organization of individual personalized


Discounts for those who participates in multiple courses.


Telephone and messaging availability
and 7 days a week


English, Lithuanian,
Russian, Spanish,


Mon/Fri 09:00-19:00
Sat-Sun only by appointment


Possibility of
up to 12 monthly

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Agreements with Universities for Curricular Internships
They say about us
"Ottima accoglienza, grande disponibilità, professionalità e massima serietà. Sto eseguendo con loro un corso di preparazione all'esame ECDL e mi trovo benissimo. Consiglio pienamente!"
Mariagiuditta Mantini
"Durante la quarantena ho seguito i corsi ICDL e mi sono trovato benissimo. Grazie al personale gentile e preparato, sono riuscito portare a termine tutti i miei obiettivi!"
Gianfranco Ricciotti
"Ho frequentato il corso di Amministrazione Del Personale e ne sono rimasta molto soddisfatta. I docenti sono qualificati ed il personale è disponibile e attento alle esigenze dei corsisti. Sicuramente frequenterò altri corsi!"
Serena Montano
"Ho frequentato il corso di inglese ed ora ho un'ottima conoscenza e padronanza della lingua. Il personale è molto professionale. Lo consiglio!"
Riccardo Teti
"Locale all'altezza e personale molto competente, puntuale e serio."
Cri Cri
"Ho frequentato il corso sull'Avvio di Impresa. Ottima scuola!"
Dani F
"Ottime insegnanti e ottima scuola. CONSIGLIO!"
Lina Apet
"Ho frequentato i corsi ICDL e mi sono trovata molto bene. Lo Staff è molto disponibile e i docenti sono ben preparati. Consiglio a tutti di passare!"
Mariagrazia Ruggieri
"Consiglio questa scuola a tutti per le sue ottime capacità di insegnamento! Inoltre, il personale è qualificato e gentilissimo."
Francesca Esposito
"Ho seguito il corso individuale di Project Management. Il docente è talmente bravo e chiaro che non ho dovuto studiare per l'esame. Lo consiglio!"
Salvo Vitale

VAT no.: 02330490687

Opening hours Mon-Fri 9:30 a.m./7 p.m.

Sat-Sun only by appointment

360 degrees training!


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